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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Variation on the Crackleback Fly

I apologize about the quality of these photos. Hope to bet a better system soon.

One of my favorite "seeking" flies, when no hatch is present, is the Crackleback. This fly can be fished dry and allowed to drag and swing under the surface. Then, it should be stripped in in short fast strips. It is very exciting when the trout hits the fly being fished this way!

The original pattern calls for a thinner body and only brown hackle palmered through the body. I have always liked the Adams style of marrying brown and grizzly hackle. I also like the new ice dubbing. So, the top photo is this revision to the original Crackleback

The second photo is an intermediate revision to the original Crackleback.

The photo below is a Crackleback I tied to imitate the original design by the folks at FeatherCraft in Missouri. The photo is so good because it was done by Hans Weilemann in the Netherlands. He has an incredible site which has high resolution photos of flies tied by a hundred or more tiers from all over the world. If you ever want to see a pattern go there. You can search by tier or by name of the pattern. The site is: http://www.danica.com/FLYTIER/

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