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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tying the Paraloop Fly Style

The owner of the Jvice company (yes, he spells it with a "c") in South Africa sent me a new jaw for his wonderful vise system and he included a gallows tool. So, I was compelled to tie a Sparkle Blue Wing Olive paraloop style. You know, I don't think this fly is commercially available. I never see them in the fly shops. I think it is like the Water Walker style of fly. They are very life-like, but not sure you find them in fly shops.

I would highly recommend his tying station and accessories. His equipment is very high quality.
His site is: http://www.jvice.co.za/

The photo below is tying the Paraloop style with JVICE's "midge maniac" jaw. Very unique tiny jaws!!!!!

He has a video of tying the paraloop using his vise. Beautiful equipment!!

The photo below includes the top portion of the JVICE with the midge jaws.

This is a size 20 pmd paraloop - not as emerger with a shuck (as others above), but as adult dun.

This is my new Sparkle Dun for a Flav. A "Flav" is a Small Western Green Drake. We were lucky enough to fish the Lower Henry's Fork this summer in early July. We caught quite a few nice trout on this hatch. The insects hatched twice each day: mid-morning and mid-afternoon. We used a Sparkle Dun which worked. Next summer, I intend to have some of these to try as I think they will be quite effective.

The fly below is a Paraloop mahogany dun.

The fly below is a Sparkle Dun Flav Paraloop. It is ribbed with trimmed hackle feather.

The fly below is a PMD Sparkle Dun Paraloop

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