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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fishing the Yellowstone Area

Top picture is of the Gardiner River. Rainbow is from Henry's Fork near Ashton, Idaho.

Could not stand not being able to fish until Spring. Although not a great time to fish in the Yellowstone Area, I made the trip anyway. I fished the Henry's Fork below Ashton, Idaho and all over in Yellowstone Park. The best fishing was probably on the Gardiner River just inside the North entrance to the Park. Funny, but no one in the West Yellostone shops mention this river. I wonder if it is because you might then hook up with Parks Fly Shop in the little town of Gardiner just outside the north entrance? Anyway, it is a beautiful little stream and has decent fish and lots and lots of elk running around you.

I have fished the Firehole River in the Park for many years. I knew that the fish there were smallish, but never actually inquired as to the reason. I knew it had something to do with the warm temperatures due to the geysers. I just assumed the adult fish moved out of there. This time i inquired and learned that the warm temps affect their metabolism and that a small 8 incher might be 2 years old!!! I knew it wasn't true that the small fish were easy to catch!!!!

Did stop in to get tying supplies at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone. Neither Craig Mathews nor John Juracek were there, but I did prevail on a guide/employee there to demo Craig's Sparkle Comparadun. It is very true that you need the appropriate deer hair. The fellow looked at about 10 skins and rejected them all before finding one with the appropriate tips. He demostrated the fly and taught me a couple tricks. Really helped my tying after I went back to my room and tied some. Never too old to learn.

Video clip is of a bison between myself and the Firehole River.......

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  1. if you have been chased by a buffalo then you would not get that close lol!