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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swept Mayfly Wing v. Upright Mayfly Wing

About 15 yrs. ago, I was trying to come up with a mayfly pattern which would be more like the natural mayfly dun's wing - swept back instead of upright. I came up with what I called the "Maycad" which I felt can imitate either a mayfly or even a caddis. This is the first fly shown above.

Then, recently, I saw a pattern attributed to Rene Harrop - a famous fly tier. The difference is that his pattern had the hackle tied in before the deer hair wing. My rendition of his fly is the second pattern shown above.

These are both meant to imitate a BWO - Blue-winged Olive. They are both tied on a size 16 dry fly hook.

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  1. How would you say this fishes in comparison to a standard mayfly wing? I've often wondered about wings like these since they seem to be more realistic (to my eyes, but maybe not to a fish). I've thought about fishing them, but been too complacent I guess.